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Our shared values


LAB collab members have diverse disciplinary backgrounds and work in diverse fields. We are a mix of researchers, clinicians, and educators, with many of us occupying more than one of these roles. Our members seek to reach many different disciplinary audiences with their work, publishing in journals in ethics, social science, clinical medicine, science and education.


The LAB collab welcomes new members who do not have backgrounds in theories of language or social scientific methods. We are here to learn together and develop ideas together, respectfully and with continuous curiosity. Further, we seek to provide robust opportunities for training and mentorship.

Diversity & Equity

We value each individual’s contribution to this group and recognize that each is uniquely positioned to contribute relevant background experience, ideas, and questions. We believe that diversity of perspective, background, and thought is an asset to our research.

Applied Impact

We seek to draw out the concrete implications that our research has for patient care, biomedical research, and medical education. We believe that shifting long-standing assumptions about language and communication has the potential to generate novel interventions.


While we recognize the production pressure of today’s academic environments, we try to prioritize  rigorous scholarship over the frequency of publications. We seek for our work to meet the standards of the disciplines that stand behind the theories and methods we utilize.

Transparency & Communication

We encourage transparency and prospective communication about authorship and project participation, as well as individual and collective challenges and needs. We recognize that research can be challenging and strive to create a lab community which has transparent expectations and open channels of communication. 

Let's Work Together

Lab Meetings

If you are interested in getting involved with the LAB collab, please reach out to us via the contact box below. We welcome researchers, students, and trainees who: 


  • Are interested in learning rigorous qualitative or social scientific methods

  • Are interested in theories of language and communication and their application to bioethical questions 

  • Have a research question that may benefit from discussion and collaboration with the LAB collab

  • Would like to present their work to the LAB collab as a guest presenter 

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