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members of the LAB collab 

We are proud to be a multidisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborative research group. We welcome trainees and researchers from different disciplines and at different stages of training.

Our lab coordinator for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year is Samantha Stein, who can be reached at

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Want to join us?

Find out more about what we do, what we think about, and what is important to us:

Lab Meetings

If you would like to join the LAB collab, please reach out to us via the contact box below. We welcome:


  • Students or trainees who are interested in learning rigorous qualitative or social science methods and have an interest in Language and Bioethics in clinical spaces

  • Students, trainees, or scholars who have a research question that may benefit from discussion and collaboration with the LAB collab

  • Students, trainees, or scholars who would like to present their work to the LAB collab as a guest presenter 

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