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Resources & Reading

If you are interested in the work of LAB collab, here are several readings that we have found foundational and helpful as we reframe how bioethics scholarship understands language.

Essential texts

Davis 1991

Pragmatics: A Reader


Chapter 2: Implicature, Explicature, and Truth-Theoretic Semantics (Carston)

Chapter 4: Utterer's Meaning, Sentence-Meaning, and Word-Meaning (Grice)

Chapter 15: What is a Speech Act? (Searle)

Chapter 19: Logic and Conversation (Grice)

Hanks 1996

Language and Communicative Practices

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 5: Sentences, Speech Acts, and Utterances

Agha 2012

Language and Social Relations

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 3: Register formations

Chapter 4: The social life of cultural value

Hanks 2014

The Space of Translation, Hau: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 4(2): 17-39

Recommended Readings

Holmes & Ponte 2011

Batten et al 2018

Clapp & Fleisher 2018

What is the Realistic Scope of Informed Consent, The Joint Commission 2018; 44:341-342.

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